Smith III On Reaching Their Dreams

A new breed of young musicians now dominates the music entertainment scene, the Smith III. What’s so amazing with this singing trio? They are young yet they know how to create good music. Music to them is not only play but passion. At a young age, these kids know what they really want. It was unexpected for Jalyka, Dalyk, and Alyk to pursue a career in singing. It started with Jalyka’s passion for singing until Dalyk and Alyk eventually came to love what their elder sister was doing. Dalyk loved to please his crowd and would always want to perform on stage. Alyk, seeing his two elder siblings enjoying what they do, kept on asking his mom when will be his turn to perform on stage.

Their Stumbling Block

The road to their singing career was not all bed of roses. They had to temporarily stop singing because their parents felt like education was the primary priority. However, Mr. and Mrs. Smith eventually realized that what their children have is a gift that is only given to some. So, they did everything to support their children. They sought a professional music coach to improve the talents that their children have. In every show and every performance, the trio gave their best. There were ups and downs, good crowd and bad crowd but these helped them improve their craft even more.

Young as they are, they were already taught the value of professionalism. To them, performance time is the time for having fun. Fortunately, gaining the crowd’s favor was an easy feat for the trio. Once they are on stage, the crowd can’t help but adore them. When their first single, Put A Stamp On It! was released, it marked the start of their professional singing career. The song spread like a virus all over West Palm Beach and even across the borders.

After the success of their first single, their second single was released. Born To Shine was inspired by the perseverance and hard work of the Olympic 2012 participants. It will not be long until their songs are heard over every radio and the trio known in every household. Their fresh talent and flaming passion for music are the best weapons that this young trio has to make the world believe that they were Born To Shine!

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